Service Cancellation

A Product or Service can be canceled either by the customer or RagadDenge. No third-party service, entity, or jurisdiction can request nor achieve service cancellation on a client’s behalf.

Service Cancellation by the Customer

For a Product or a Service to be canceled by our customers, a proper cancellation request must be submitted. To submit a Cancellation Request the customer must use either the cancellation option from within the Client Dashboard or the customer should submit a Cancellation ticket explaining the reason for the cancellation in our Billing Department.

The customer agrees and acknowledges that there are exactly two types of service cancellation depending on the period chosen by the customer in their Cancellation Request:

Immediate Cancellation – the service will be canceled immediately after the cancellation request is approved by RagadDenge. Next Due Date Cancellation – the service will remain active until the next due date and when the date comes the service will be automatically canceled. The customer acknowledges and agrees that RagadDenge will keep a copy of the Shared Web Hosting account for not more the 5 days after the cancellation request becomes active and the Product or Service is canceled. After that period any data associated with the customer’s Shared Web Hosting account will be permanently deleted with no option for the same to be restored. That includes the whole Shared Web Hosting account as well as any backups generated for the same.

For VPS or Dedicated Server services, the data will be kept for no more than 24 hours after the cancellation of service become effective. After that period the whole server will be removed meaning that all data hosted on the same will be permanently deleted with no option for the same to be restored.

RagadDenge cannot be held responsible for any data loss due to Service suspension or termination. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to keep the data of their Web Hosting accounts fully backed up remotely for any loss of data to be avoided.

Service Cancellation by RagadDenge

The customer agrees and acknowledges that any Product or Service offered by RagadDenge can be canceled by RagadDenge with or without reason. Canceled by RagadDenge services are not subject to partial or full refund nor is RagadDenge obligated to give any prior notice to the customer. RagadDenge will not be held responsible for any loss of data in case the service is canceled by us.

The customer agrees that the reason for the cancellation of service by RagadDenge can be but is not limited to:

  • Violation of RagadDenge Terms of Service.
  • Involvement of the Web Hosting account in illegal or forbidden by the RagadDenge Terms of Use activities.
  • If such a reason arises, RagadDenge will act according to the severity of the violation. In most cases, we will try to resolve it first before committing to the complete termination of service. This means that we will open a Support Case with a complete description of the violated terms and give our customers respectful time to resolve the outstanding case:
    • 7 days for our Shared Web Hosting products.
    • 3 days for our VPS and Dedicated Servers products.
    • The period starts immediately after a case is being open in our ticketing system. The customer is solely responsible for being aware of the case as well as for resolving the case according to the provided time frame.
      Immediately after the cancellation takes place RagadDenge will provide a backup archive to the customer containing all customer data hosted on the canceled/terminated service. The backup archive will be available for 7 calendar days after the same is being made available for download. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the backup archive is being downloaded completely within the timeframe given by RagadDenge.
      In case the reason for the cancellation of service by RagadDenge is different than a Terms of Service violation by the customer, RagadDenge will issue a prorated partial refund for the remaining months of service the Web Hosting product or service has been prepaid for. The amount of the refund is calculated on the following basis: the full prepaid amount minus the remaining months of service multiplied by the price per month of the canceled service. RagadDenge will provide a few options for the customer to choose from when it comes to receiving a refund. In case PayPal is being used as a payment method, the refunded amount will be automatically sent to our customer’s PayPal account.
      Money-Back Policy
      Our Money Back Policy covers initial orders of Shared hosting accounts, Virtual Private Servers, and Dedicated Servers. RagadDenge will fully refund the Web Hosting payment submitted by the customer if the cancellation request meets the following requirements:

      • The cancellation request is submitted in the first 14 days after a Shared Web Hosting product or service becomes active.
      • The cancellation request is submitted in the first 7 days after a VPS or Dedicated Server product or service becomes active.
      • The cancellation request is not eligible for a full refund when:
        Shared Hosting account, upgrade or extra service are active for more than 14 days. VPS and Dedicated Servers are active for more than 14 days.
        The customer agrees that our VPS and Dedicated Server services are subject to a one-time setup fee. No matter if the service is canceled within 7 days or not the setup fee is non-refundable. Meaning that if a cancellation request is submitted the setup fee will be withheld from the initial payment and the rest will be refunded according to the period the cancellation request is being submitted as explained above.
        In case the setup fee is being removed due to:
      • No refund will be made if your Service(s) are suspended or terminated for cause by any fraud/scam/abuse sites.
        • Arrangement with our Sales/Technical Support/Billing Departments
        • Longer prepaid term than 1 month
        • Coupon Code
        • Promotion

The same will still be withheld in case of service cancellation before or within the period the service has been purchased for.
RagadDenge typically charges $5 USD as a setup fee, however, we reserve the right to change that amount without specifically outlining the change in our Terms of Service.
The customer agrees that in case a domain name has been registered or transferred for free as part of RagadDenge Products and Services, upon cancellation of service a fee will be withheld equal to the costs of domain transfer/registration service.
Chargebacks and Disputes
The customer agrees and acknowledges the right of chargebacks. Before submitting such the customer is obligated to inform RagadDenge on the reasons forced them to submit a chargeback or a dispute with PayPal. RagadDenge will always work with our customers to resolve any outstanding payment issues before a chargeback or a dispute is being raised.
The customer agrees and acknowledges that if a chargeback or a dispute is being raised, RagadDenge will suspend the access to the Web Hosting product or service related to the case. To activate any suspended Web Hosting Service due to chargeback or dispute, a customer has to ensure that the dispute or chargebacks are being canceled or in case completed that any outstanding balance is being paid